Monday, November 21, 2016

Final thoughts

As I travel out of Marrakech and back to the home I have always known, I think of the world, our world, being destroyed by the very children it has grown. We pollute the water, we contaminate the air, we indirectly kill those outside our privileged gate. China's citizens must now pay to breath air, Flint to drink the water, most of Africa and South Americans to eat. We have the technology to stop this, we have the resources, yet we stand, hands over our eyes our ears, and our mouths spilling garbage onto those who have no other source of truth. We cite politics, economy and even religion in opposition to basic common sense, science, and life.

I learned of mushrooms that eat plastic, cities that need only themselves to thrive, trains that travel faster than the eye can see. I have met people from the poorest of the poor who made nets to catch water and help their families, their ideas spreading far beyond their imagined reach. I know now of plastics that sea turtles can eat and the soil can easily welcome back into its fold, and floating garbage collectors to free the ocean of it’s ardent island of human waste.

Yet these ideas are suppressed. Squashed beneath the weight of our ignorance, trampled beneath our raging feet, smashed between our foolish hands clapping for clowns to take office all across the world. We as a society are hunting down, mocking and adamantly undermining the creators of these ideas. The youthful and the elderly who come together, the Indigenous souls who still remember earthly harmony, we as a people hunt them down, poison their water, obliterate their sacred homes and then we wonder why progress is so slow. As a society we must not shout but listen, doggedly pursue the pagan, the witchcraft, the old knowledge of the Native. We must not crowd out the small, the minority but uplift them for the very diversity they are scorned for, punished for,  and for which they have suffered far too long, all for being born a different color to a different culture, a different home. Scientists, civil activists, feminists, environmentalists, all of us must not unite, we must network, keep our differences, highlight them, show them off and cherish ourselves and our uniqueness. The youth must be let to keep their wild dreams, their vivid imagination and hope as these very traits are what create the next tomorrow, solve our problems,  the opportunities this empowerment provides to begin to rebuild an already savaged world.

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