Monday, November 14, 2016

Human Networks

Human beings are social creatures, we forge connections, friendships and families, overcoming our differences for the good of both parties involved. That is what a Global Issues Network (GIN) Conference does. It brings together schools from all across the globe to work together, overcoming our differences for the good of our planet. Last week our COP 22 delegation had the opportunity to attend and participate in a GIN conference hosted by the American School of Marrakesh.

Diversity allows progress otherwise unthinkable, and new ideas flew through the room during GIN. Personally, I met dozens of new people who inspired me with their work, from eliminating plastic bags on the island they call home to implementing e-recycling across schools, embassies and businesses. In the business world, networking can seem fake and unfair to those still at work with people they dislike. People need to overcome this aversion.  Both as a nation and as a society we must avoid isolation and involve ourselves in the global network in order to advance the common good. 

GIN, much like COP, brings together people from all across the world, set on making a change, set on making a difference. Before I came to GIN I knew I wanted to make a difference, but I simply didn’t know how. By experiencing others' successes, struggles and dogged pursuit of their project I am inspired, as are many other students who I am now proud to call my friends, to pursue my passions. Without one another, standing alone, we could never accomplish our goals. Only by working together are students, people, capable of making a significant difference. Alone SES seniors would never have been able to build the turbine on our campus. Alone, bees would be extinct, whales would have been hunted to extinction, solar, wind, and hydroelectric power would still be just ideas.  

By depriving ourselves of the world, we lose our empathy, we lose possibilities for change, and for a better and brighter future. Humans are social creatures. We need friends and families, pets and spouses in order to keep sane, happy and healthy. Ideas are much the same, they require the  dedication of many to get off the ground, to form and then to change the world. Alone we can change ourselves at best, but together we can hopefully successfully meet the challenges of our planet and in the process save ourselves as well.

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